1. What are you currently working on? Will 2018 be a busy year for new stuff?

I hope so...

It is always exciting to see the characters that you love come to life, and to get to share that with the world. I used to be so private about everything I was writing, and now being able to express it and show it off is really me in my happy place. I have one book currently off to the publisher and I'm hoping to hear that they want to publish it. I'm in the limbo waiting period on that. It's a time travel book, which I did a lot of research about. I'm kinda obsessed with Diana Gabaldon's series, Outlander and it really inspired me to write my own love story with a woman from current time going back to the 1800.

I'm also really into writing this book about 2 native tribes right now who live on an island, with a lot of tension between them. The King ends up capturing the Princess of the other tribe, and how their lives change because of it.

In a nut shell, I'd love to have a few new books done this year, but we will see. I think I have 10 on the go haha.

2. The second book Jake in The Kellers' of Beaumont Falls series is due out March 23rd, any rituals that you do on release day?

I think most authors just sit and keep refreshing their screens on release day. That is the biggest thing, because no one knows when it will go live. Then, I always buy it so I have it

in my kindle. I try and read it within a few days just to see that everything is perfect. 

It's great to see comments too. They really help authors grow and give other readers an honest review of what someone else thought. I can't stress reviewing enough!!! 

3. What have you read lately that was really good?

Well, I just finished Drums of Autumn the fourth book in the Outlander series, and I read Collared by Rayanna Jamison, which were both great. I'm busy in the writing more these days then in reading. Plus, I'm working a lot and do have the family life. Juggle Juggle. 

4. What is one thing about the characters in Jake that you personally fell in love with?

I love the concept of the famous country music star falling for a normal girl, who had enjoyed his music. I think Jake and Whitney both work really well as a couple. Plus, the thriller aspect of them having to come together and try and find out who is doing these creepy things to them. I think it will have people guessing until the end.

I actually had someone else in mind for some of the book, and then it just all fell in to place in the last month or so before I submitted. I think people will really like the chemistry they have, I hope so anyway.

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