I started writing when I was incredibly young. In fact, I can’t even remember.

I published my first poem at 9, the same year my parents split. As an only child, of only children, writing became a passion for me, really for the company. I have always been very head strong about doing things my way because I had no rivalries vying for attention. It often made me a target for bullies who knew rather than follow their ideas, I'd do my own thing. It made life extra difficult for a kid with no little siblings or cousins. I usually stayed in my room alone, with RL Stein or Christopher Pike novels and paper.

As a teacher, in my professional comfort, I still don't do crowds for social bonding. Instead, I gravitate toward the kind, quiet souls, and paint, write novels or write poetry rather than mingle. Popularity will never be my concern, and I'm normally more of a hermit than the social butterfly my husband is.

I live on the most spectacular island on Earth (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) where I am both blessed and proud to raise my family.

I hope you enjoy your reading experience…


Now, enough about me, let me tell you a story!

XO, Mira

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