Each of these novels contain scenes where there is strong DD (Domestic Discipline) involved between men and women, usually with spanking. They are consenting adults, and at no time does the author or publisher support domestic violence or the abuse of anyone by another person in a position of power. These are books of fiction that depict fantasy where there are often scenes of a strong sexual content, if such material offends you or you are under the legal age of 18+ it is strongly suggested that you DO NOT purchase these titles.

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Iset's Pharaoh
Immortality. Power. Blackmail.

Ari Ramsey is a dominating, powerful, businessman with a mind-blowing secret. In 1270 BC, he was the Pharaoh of Egypt, Ramesses II. During his reign, he was visited by a group of people called the Enlightened. In exchange for offering their world occasional provisions, they offer Ari the one thing he truly coveted—immortality. 

Iset has spent centuries with her beloved Ari. She would do anything for him under normal circumstances. The problem, however, is that things aren’t normal now. Ari has been ignoring her for far too long. She doesn’t know why he is being so distant, but she is hell bent on recapturing his affections, even if it means getting herself into a lot of trouble!
Book 1 & Book 2
Nico's Princess

Charlotte happened to meet Prince Charming by chance—a real Prince. 

Studying at Yale, Nico just happened upon a young songstress a day before fate would have them collide. Instantly intrigued by her wit and beauty, he agrees to play innocent at their formal introduction. For a price. 

Two people on very different paths, fall in love... but the journey isn’t completely smooth sailing. Charlie is wild and impetuous, and desperately in need of discipline and guidance. And Nico is determined to be the man to give it to her.

The Diary of Dixie Pearl 
Callie and Mike Reashore decide that their life in Boston needs to change after both suffering losses in their family. When they happen upon an old plantation in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia close to Mike's sister, they take a leap of faith. The mansion is reportedly haunted, and they quickly learn the rumors are true. When Callie begins waking up with bruising on her backside, not from her husband’s hands, they recruit a medium. Can they help the ghosts still haunting the Willowton Grove Plantation, or will the over two-hundred-year-old mystery remain unsolved?

Jordan The Kellers' of Beaumont Falls Series Book 1

Tegan Forester left Beaumont Falls many years ago after a gang shooting that shook her and the entire town, leaving devastation in its wake. She left it all behind: her boyfriend and first love, Jordan Keller; her mother; her brother; the pain. In spite of becoming a successful, well-known photographer and traveling the world, she soon found out that you can’t really leave your past behind you.

Jordan Keller chose to stay in the small town. He is now the leader of the gang, The King’s Knights. Long ago, a gang war got his best friend killed. The small town never really recovered from the loss. And now that her ‘baby’ brother has joined the King’s Knights – a gang that demands a lifetime commitment – Tegan is on his mind constantly. He sees her everywhere he goes.

When she returns, the two childhood sweethearts must find a way to be together against the odds. How will their shared past affect a possible future? 

Jake The Kellers' of Beaumont Falls

Book 2

Jacob Keller is a country music superstar, coming off a world tour. Little does he know an obsessed fan intends to finally make him see they are meant to be.

Miss Whitney Blithe moved to Beaumont Falls by chance, and ends up interviewing Jake for the hometown paper. She has secrets of her own.

When they start dating, the obsessed fan is not happy. Jacob is a dominant man, but will Whitney let him protect her? He might have to punish her enough to make her see he has her best intentions at heart.

Publisher’s Note: While this is the second in the Kellers of Beaumont Falls series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone. This contemporary romance contains explicit themes, including power exchange.

A Spanking Good New Year
This steamy collection includes six novellas by six different authors. The perfect collection for a cold, winters night. Curl up and enjoy the following:

The Spanking Experiment: A Love Multiplied Novella ~ by Rayanna Jamison
A Prairie Promise by Libby Campbell 
Joining of the Clans by Mira Brooks
Until You by Measha Stone 
Claudia's Revolution by Adaline Raine 
Freezer Burn by Susannah Shannon 
Publishers warning: each novella contains adult themes and domestic discipline, please do not purchase if this offends you.

After purchasing the home of her dreams—an old manor house by the sea in Nova Scotia—Paisley Stanhope is soon confronted with evidence of a shocking truth: she has lived in this mansion before, almost two centuries ago, and it belonged to a man who was her husband. As she delves further into the secrets of the past, Paisley finds the means to go back in time to meet her fated husband, but she has barely had time to introduce herself before he makes her his wife.


Simon Helmsley is a man of an older era, and when his beautiful bride puts on a scandalous display of petulant defiance moments after speaking their vows he does not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her until she is sore and sobbing. Yet while her stern, handsome husband’s strict correction infuriates Paisley, it also leaves her longing for him to claim her properly.


Over the coming months, Paisley learns the hard way that Simon’s willingness to strip her bare and chastise her thoroughly and shamefully was not restricted to their wedding day. His firm-handed dominance merely increases her need for him, however, and his mastery of her body grows more complete with each passing day. But when an angry quarrel prompts Paisley to run away and return to her own time, will Simon let her go or will he chase after his fated bride?


Publisher’s Note: His Fated Bride includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



On the island of Insula, there are two tribes locked in a bitter generational civil war. The Bear King rules over the island collecting taxes from the defeated Willow Kye. His people, the Wood Lords patrol the border to keep the Willow Kye from uprising, and it is there where Prince Iver falls in love with the Princess, Illayda.

Every Wood Lord male is required to serve at The Wall and be a border guard. It is there that Iver is counselled by the seer who discloses that peace will soon come to Insula with the marriage of Iver to the Willow Kye Princess, but not without sacrifices. When the old King dies and Iver becomes King, he devises a plan to get Illayda to cross the border into Wood Lord territory where she forfeits her freedom and finally belongs to him.


Will war break out again? Or will peace finally come to the island like the prophecy foresees?

Publishers Note: This book contains sexual scenes and spanking, if such material offends please do not purchase this title.


Zyon picks up where you last see Zyon and Irae in Iver Princes of Insula Book 1. The Parlay has just happened and Iver appoints his brother the new Chief of the Willow Kye, until Lucca comes of age. 

Once, an enforcer to the crown, it has been Zyon's duty to go to the enemy tribe to collect the payment the Willow Kye had to deliver to the King, for years. Now, he must live amongst them and try and earn their respect as their new leader. 

Irae has been badly abused by her former husband and now must show courage as a new bride to a man she and her people have been taught to fear. With the help of her aunt and cousin, she juggles being a new mother, new wife and Chieftain of her people during a time of significant change. 

Duty, danger and discipline combine to take the reader on a journey where both tribes will be forced to unify for the survival of all.


Sparks is about two lovers who meet in their teens for a summer neither is able to forget. 

Aston is a shrewd businessman returning to Cape Breton to semi-retire and operate one venue for his ultra-exclusive BDSM clubs. It has been a long time since he saw the girl who stole his heart, and as he sets up shop bides his time before having a casual run in. 

Natalie Mullins is a hard working personal trainer, lost in life as a single mom and independant woman. It has been a long time since she's seen Aston, although she knows of the success he has made of himself. 

She never dreams one night when he calls her out of the blue, that the sparks they felt as teenagers will ignite a fire that takes them both on a journey of love and forgiveness.