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An Insula Winter Solstice Novella


With peace finally unifying the Wood Lord and Willow Kye villages, Iver and Illayda strive to make their first Winter Solstice memorable. Zyon and Irae, Quinn and Lenah and their people are all in Bear Claw after returning from the Eastern Camp where the curse upon the land was broken. A great combined celebration is planned to celebrate the annual holiday, and the first time the villages have come together as men and women of Insula, not just separate people. When Illayda finally decides on the perfect gift, there is one catch. She is missing one key ingredient and must leave the safety of Bear Claw without Iver knowing to procure it. She thinks she has her bases covered by recruiting two suspicious border guards, but once beyond the safety of the gates of Bear Claw, she encounters a problem that could prove fatal for both herself and the men she loves.


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Zyon Princes of Insula Book 2

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Zyon Princes of Insula Book 2

A widow emotionally scarred. A warrior’s new wife. Will love conquer all?

Ordered to marry the newly widowed wife of his enemy, Zyon accepts his call of duty. After admiring Irae from afar, it almost seems too good to be true.

His brother King Iver has upheld his vow to make her his, at last. Now Zyon must earn the trust of a people who have been trained to fear him and woo the broken soul of a woman who has only known cruelty from a lover’s touch.

A curse from the past, reminds the people of Insula they are far from alone in the world. A daring winter journey leads the people of the Willow Kye to Bear Claw, to unite against a common enemy; but will bravery lead the Princes of Insula and the women who love them to their deaths?

How can love bloom, under such turbulent occurrences? Especially, when neither Zyon nor Irae, have ever experienced what loving another so completely, means.

Duty, danger and discipline combine to deliver the emotional ride of the King’s Enforcer brother Zyon’s delicate ascent to heroism in the eyes of the Willow Kye and the wife he never believed would become his, Irae.

This is book two of the Princes of Insula series. It can be enjoyed independently but reading book one first may enhance the experience.


Iver, Princes of Insula Book 1 

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Two tribes at war. Two people that laws say can never be together. One King who defies it all for love...


Iver is the new King of The Wood Lord People, the ruling tribe on the island of Insula. When young, he guarded the border between his people and the other tribe, The Willow Kye. It was during his time at The Wall that he first saw her. Illayda. The Princess of the Chief. Her will and beauty drew his attention and stirred his lust. He swore one day she would be his.

Illayda is the eldest child and daughter of Chief Kovo and Chieftainess Willow Pellor, the ruling family of the Willow Kye. She is the bargaining chip her family will use to help save their people from the dissolute oppression of the King; she is betrothed to a Prince from another land.

Shortly before the marriage takes place, Illayda goes out hunting to try and provide for the tribe she loves. While out she is pushed to cross the border and forfeits her freedom. Her life is changed in the moment, but little does she know it’s for her benefit.

Swept away to the village of Bear Claw, Illayda must come face to face with the leader of a tribe who has persecuted her people for generations. Determined to make him honor her wishes to return to her village, Illayda learns very quickly that what the King wants, the King gets, and he wants her.

This is book one in the Princes of Insula series. It was originally released as “Border Crosser” but has been re-edited with new content added.

Publisher’s Note: This sci-fi romance contains elements of danger, suspense, action, adventure, power exchange, and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Asten Moore-Rankin follows his family to the summer home his stepfather has always cherished, when it's clear that divorce is brewing between the parents he loves.


He has never stepped foot in Cape Breton, NS and to a nineteen-year-old city boy, it seems like a shit way to spend a summer... that is until he sets eyes on the beautiful brown eyed girl, so perfect he can't help but fall in love...

As the summer ends, so does the romance and Asten boards a plane hell bent on forgetting Natalie and any concept of love... Problem is, fate has other plans...

Natalie Mullins is a senior in high school, innocent, and ready to give her heart to the city boy who lands virtually on her doorstep... He's tall, charming and devilishly handsome, although pretty heavy handed at times. After giving him her virginity, the last thing she expects is the man she loves to abruptly break up with her and leave the Cape without a backward glance... but Asten's determined to dash all hopes that love exists, even when she tries to contact him to tell him something big has happened...


Returning thirteen years later, Asten moves back to the beach where the sparks ignited his heart and someone comes looking for him who he least expects... The encounter  forces him to face the woman he never stopped loving... but winning her the second time won't be as easy...




When he finds out her secret will he walk away or do what’s necessary to protect her? Even from herself?

Ty Keller is the brains of the Keller clan and the third son of the complicated family. After graduating from Harvard as a doctor, he wants to do something meaningful with his life. That’s when he makes the decision to join Doctors Without Borders and travels halfway around the world to Nepal. The best part of the trip, aside from helping those less fortunate, is meeting the sexy, spitfire Dr. Brynn Edwards. A woman who is in need of a firm hand; luckily, he’s up to the challenge.

Brynn was in Nepal when a devastating earthquake hit, and her life hasn’t slowed down since. She’s been working twenty-hour days with little to no sleep, so when Dr. Keller arrives, she makes sure he knows who’s in charge. Brynn is feisty and full of sass, but soon discovers Ty is not a man who will accept her behavior without consequences. Strangely enough she can’t help but fall for the Keller charm. There’s a big secret she’s keeping from Ty but telling him is not an option. The hectic schedule and the amount of injured people is more than she can handle as it is.


This is book three in The Kellers of Beaumont Falls but can be enjoyed as a standalone.


Publisher’s Note: This adult romance contains elements of action, adventure, adult language, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.


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