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First, you met Jordan.

Then you met Jake.

Now get ready for the final brother's story... Ty...

They are The Kellers of Beaumont Fall

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When he finds out her secret will he walk away or do what’s necessary to protect her? Even from herself?

Ty Keller is the brains of the Keller clan and the third son of the complicated family. After graduating from Harvard as a doctor, he wants to do something meaningful with his life. That’s when he makes the decision to join Doctors Without Borders and travels halfway around the world to Nepal. The best part of the trip, aside from helping those less fortunate, is meeting the sexy, spitfire Dr. Brynn Edwards. A woman who is in need of a firm hand; luckily, he’s up to the challenge.

Brynn was in Nepal when a devastating earthquake hit, and her life hasn’t slowed down since. She’s been working twenty-hour days with little to no sleep, so when Dr. Keller arrives, she makes sure he knows who’s in charge. Brynn is feisty and full of sass, but soon discovers Ty is not a man who will accept her behavior without consequences. Strangely enough she can’t help but fall for the Keller charm. There’s a big secret she’s keeping from Ty but telling him is not an option. The hectic schedule and the amount of injured people is more than she can handle as it is.


This is book three in The Kellers of Beaumont Falls but can be enjoyed as a standalone.


Publisher’s Note: This adult romance contains elements of action, adventure, adult language, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Border Crosser: The Bear King's Bride





January 22, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I enjoyed this sci-fi fantasy tale that will have two warring tribes of people, the Wood Lords, and the Willow Kye. The feud has been long-going, and while the Wood Lords hold power over the Willow Kye, a greater battle will take place. When you read the story, you will learn about what started the feuding, about the prophecies to come, and yes, it does end on a happy note.

“Harmony was a welcomed goal for everyone. The dye had set on the pages of their destiny.”

Newly King Iver had wanted Princess Illayda since he first saw her years ago when he was a border guard. Knowing her propensity for doing her own thing, like hunting, he will allow a group of me to chase her from her land, across the river onto his land and then for her to be captured by his guards. When a Willow Kye member crosses to Wood Lord's land, they become a slave to the King.

Illayda has been unhappy with her brother Kovan’s lack of leadership in hunting and replenishing the stores of their people, refusing to listen to anyone, and so she hunts in secret. She loves her people and wants to help them up with winter fast approaching. But this finally hunt will lead to her capture by their enemy, and now she is to be the slave of the new King.

The story is full of mystery, suspense, secrets, danger, feuding tribes, and foretold prophecy. Iver will handfast with Illayda and then on the full moon marry her, and she will become his Queen. Many of the things to come from their union are positive but must fall in place as foreseen. Not everything is black and white, and eventually, it all works out in the end. Even King Iver tries to offer a chance for a treaty and Chief Kovo instead insults Iver and Illayda.

“Willow’s words made Illayda’s entire life come into a clear focus. It was like she found the missing pieces of herself, she always felt was gone.”

While the story does have several sex scenes, it also has several discipline scenes, which are harsh and sometimes done while angry. This is a dystopian world; it isn’t a modern day or even historical. There are some gruesome events, but they are not actually detailed, left more to the imagination. The story is very heavy on the control of the King, the submission of Illayda, and the power exchange in their relationship.

Kindle Customer

5.0 out of 5 starsWow and wow

January 24, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

My lady you surely have the greatest gift to write my first book but not my last in fact I can’t wait to finish this review and head to your library to pick another goodie. I’m sure some reader will find this harsh at times but remember it’s a book and in a time when who knows men to be like. But it has everything I wish you great success so I know I can always know your bookshelves are full. DH from New York City 1/24/2019

Kindle Customer

5.0 out of 5 starsBorder Crosser. The Bear King's Bride

January 26, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

This was amazing I loved the characters. This was so we!l written full of adventure,drama,excitement and lot's of lesson in spanking and love. Thank you for this wonderful read


5.0 out of 5 starsIntense

January 26, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Illayda chafes at the restrictions placed on women in her tribe. She is to be married, but she isn't sure of that either. When she goes out hunting secretly, she is driven over the border to another tribe's territory by men paid to do so by King Iver of the Wood Lords. Per the agreement between the tribes, she is taken as a slave. Of course, she doesn't find things much better in her new tribe. She is treated as a slave and is beaten, sometimes in anger, by King Iver. Eventually, they figure things out and love is found.

I enjoyed the book. I do want to warn potential readers that the discipline is, at times, harsh. Please do not buy or read if that bothers you.


Reviews of His Fated Bride

Miamollymay rated it it was amazing

What a treat.

Where to start?. I don't give many reviews but i just had to with this book. It was so cleverly written that the story was really believable. If only we could get away with travelling through time without changing it's natural course. I could go on about this book for a long time i absolutely loved it, very very clever sympathetic writing. Highly recommend, read it now you will love it.

Sue B

5.0 out of 5 starsFor a love so strong she’d travel back in time……

20 October 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

Paisley had purchased Bella Grove after she first saw the property whilst holidaying with friends, she was a successful author that had a rare talent with the written word and she had travelled around the word promoting her mysteries which had gone to number one making her a multi-millionaire.
Then one day completely out the blue she had received notice that the home she had once seen and felt so much for up for sale, it had a rather strange report of lights being seen and noises being seen around the home.
She and her faithful pooch had moved into the house and as she began investigating constantly felt as though she had been there before, she had read a book she found in the library about the past home owners she discovered that she had known the original home owner, two hundred years before they had actually been man and wife, soul mates and Simon had been the reason she had given everything up and then taken a monumental step and travelled back in time on the day of the solstice into the past where she has to convince Simon that he is her husband, that they had a family together but has to be careful about how much she told him, so that the future was not inadvertently changed.
When she had dropped out of the air and landed in one of his fields almost landing on one of the farm hands, then she had taken the greatest chance ever when she had told him all about what she knew about their lives, would he believe her…..
They can only travel through the stones during the solstice…..
This was a truly wonderful story and there are so many wonderful moments that it is simply impossible to put it down until you read the last page.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading any future publications; keep up all the great writing.


4.0 out of 5 starsCreative and sizzling

October 17, 2018 - Published on Amazon.com

I love that Mira Brooks creates such vivid imagery that the reader easily becomes immersed in the characters’ world. Paisley is strong, smart and independent, while Simon is dominant, stern and determined. The interactions between the two main characters is always dynamic, full of passion and excitement, and the time-travel plot is creative and interesting. Ms. Brooks is one of my favorite authors, and I look forward to her next book. I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an advanced reader copy.

His Fated Bride

After purchasing the home of her dreams—an old manor house by the sea in Nova Scotia—Paisley Stanhope is soon confronted with evidence of a shocking truth: she has lived in this mansion before, almost two centuries ago, and it belonged to a man who was her husband. As she delves further into the secrets of the past, Paisley finds the means to go back in time to meet her fated husband, but she has barely had time to introduce herself before he makes her his wife.

Simon Helmsley is a man of an older era, and when his beautiful bride puts on a scandalous display of petulant defiance moments after speaking their vows he does not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her until she is sore and sobbing. Yet while her stern, handsome husband’s strict correction infuriates Paisley, it also leaves her longing for him to claim her properly.

Over the coming months, Paisley learns the hard way that Simon’s willingness to strip her bare and chastise her thoroughly and shamefully was not restricted to their wedding day. His firm-handed dominance merely increases her need for him, however, and his mastery of her body grows more complete with each passing day. But when an angry quarrel prompts Paisley to run away and return to her own time, will Simon let her go or will he chase after his fated bride?


Publisher’s Note: His Fated Bride includes spankings and sexual scenes.

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