Character Interviews

Jacob Keller & Whitney Blithe
The Kellers' of Beaumont Falls Book 2

1.      Jake you are notoriously private in your personal life. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions today with your beautiful wife. What attracted you to Whitney enough that made her job irrelevant?


(Looks at Whitney smiling).


That’s easy! She walked into McNabb’s in a white dress. I think I fell in love with her the moment she made eye contact with me and just kept walking. The town paper wasn’t exactly something I had a desire to make the front page of, but it was my in so I took it. When we met and I realized how sweet she was, man I was hooked. That smart mouth too. Shoot, I just knew she was special. Nothing mattered.


2.      Whitney, you get to live every music fan’s dream of meeting and actually marrying an artist you were a fan of. Explain what meeting and starting to date him was like.


(Looks up shyly at Jake, before answering. He rubs her shoulder encouragingly).

Jake’s pretty normal. I mean once you get past the good looks and the arrogance, you have your run of the mill down home country boy. (teasing chuckles) At first it all happened so fast. I remember just thinking as I was driving to his place, I hoped my legs would stop shaking before I got there. My worst fear was fainting or not being able to speak coherently. (chuckles) I changed probably three times and tried to not think about where I was going until I pulled up to the gate.

Then it was, did I have my paper pad? Did I have enough pens? Would he let me take his picture? What if he got mad and asked me to leave?


(Jake Laughs)

When I pulled up and he met me outside I thought he was gorgeous, but I was irritatingly over dressed. He was very warm and charming, which oddly made me more nervous.

It took a few more minutes before we got to the interview, because I was captivated by the incredible house. Honestly, it was the nicest place I had ever seen. I’d say about five minutes in, I realized he was more interested in me than my questions. I think that’s when denial and disbelief took over. Whenever I felt the nerves, I’d just focus on Hodge or Lacy, the dogs.

Jake took pity on me though and quickly put me at ease. I could tell he was trying to be just like any other guy, asking a girl on a date, so I tried to make him work for a yes. But, he’s took slick. He had a game plan and luckily it worked.

Jake:  She played it cool man, but I make great some ‘slap your mama’ good potatoes.

Whitney: He says they can create world peace, I dunno if I’d go that far. They can definitely get a girl’s attention though.  

3.      Let’s play the honeymooner’s game. I’ll ask a question and you write if it is you Whitney or you Jake. Don’t show each other.


(Interviewer hands them each a small white board).


Hogs the covers.

            Jake: (Holds up) Whitney    Whitney: (Holds up) Me


Dirtiest cook.

            Jake: (Holds up) Me    Whitney: (Holds up) Me

            Jake: We both aren’t that bad, I just thought I’d take the hit.


Stay’s up the latest.

            Jake: (Holds up) Me    Whitney: (Holds up) Jake


Better driver.

            Jake: (Holds up) Me    Whitney: (Holds up) Jake


Whitney: I don’t like driving as much anymore. He drives when we go anywhere, so I’m spoiled.


The one who gets lost in Netflix binges the most.

            Jake: (Holds up) Me    Whitney: (Holds up) Jake


Whitney: I like some shows, but I’m more of a book or writing binger. Jake just hibernates in the living room on the sofa.


The one who’d make a better character in a book.

            Jake: (Holds up) Whitney    Whitney: (Holds up) Jake

4.      So, you have a draw on that last one. Why do you think the other would make a better character in a book?


Jake:  She is amazing. Sexy, smart and every mans dream girl. Plus, I can think of a few adjectives to describe those legs.

Whitney:  (Blushing). Common, who wouldn’t want to read about a hot, sexy country superstar? I mean I’m boring. No one would want to read about me?

Jake:  (Gives her a look of displeasure and warning). Whitney!

Whitney: (Still Blushing). I guess I could get myself into some trouble as a character. Be bad ass, with no consequences. Maybe, Jake’s right. Being a character could be kinda fun.


Jake:  Baby, there is always consequences. I’d just have to tan your butt in the book.

Whitney:  You’re presumptuous! Who says you’d be cast as my lead?

Jake:  (Lowly whistles). Last question. We need to go home and have a small discussion about that smart mouth I fell in love with.


5.      Okay, (chuckles) If you could be anywhere right now Whitney where would you be?

Jake: Think before you answer love, you need brownie points.


Whitney: Ahh… Anywhere?


Interviewer nods.


Whitney: (Naughty wink) Home having that small discussion with my husband.