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Sparks was an idea that came to me because I am a big camper! The Beach is real and what really makes it fun is all the real people in my life who make an appearance in this one. 

Natalie and Asten are pure fiction, but some of the things that happen to them are from real memories I have.


-Power bombing Kyle. Happened. I did it to a guy named Kyle when I met my first love. 

- Falling in a Mud Hole was me too. I got lost in the dark, and fell in at Dee's and Ben's. I was so stuck I yelled for help and my grandfather in law got pulled in when he tried to save me. We still laugh about that one. 

-The Cabin Crawl is a real event, and usually Jenn is the last one up.

-The break up scene is real, except the guy and I were broken up at the time. I asked him for an explanation and he drunkenly offered me change from his pocket. I smacked him. Hahaha We are still friends today though. 

I liked the idea of Natalie ending up pregnant and not being able to reach him. I'm an only child, and at twelve or thirteen I was telling my Dad off because he wasn't around. I was a bit hard on him. A hormonal bitchy teen, but I could totally relate to Layla.

Asten not wanting to be a deadbeat was important to me. My isn't, by the way, but mine did grow up without a father, because his Dad died at 21 in a New Waterford Mine accident when he was 2. I think sometimes men without Dad's go one of two ways. It makes them determined to be there for their Kids or just not, because they don't think it's important. I wanted Asten to want too. 

The online dating between Asten and Natalie I think was funny. Can you imagine knowing someone's secret identity and trying to get them to like you? I can. I remember IRC when a certain name ~ItsMe~ came up, and I'd lose my mind trying to talk to him. Ha! It was nostalgic for me. 


Ty and Brynn

When I sat down to write the story Ty, what really made me pick a natural disaster and Doctor's Without Borders was how I wanted Ty to be the brother of the family who was not only a genius, but had a big heart and wanted to help people. 

Ty is strong and determined to win Brynn's affection once he gets to see how hard of a worker she is. They have saving lives in common, and having similar interests makes for a good love story.

Our world has so many people who struggle with addicts. I think I put Brynn as a drug addict to take the stigma that people who are addicts, are bad people who have nothing. Brynn is beautiful, brilliant and excellent at her job, but has a pill addiction. Whether it is drugs, alcohol or food, when someone is battling with addiction it can be a very troubling time for the people who love them. Ty dropping everything for Brynn is a testament of that love. 

When they get to go home to Beaumont Falls, I love how this book revisits some of the other characters. It shows how you can choose your friends, but not your family.


King Iver & Princess Illayda

The new King has watched Illayda from afar during his time serving at The Wall. He likes her fire, and the seer has fortold him that with their union peace will finally come to the Kingdom. Iver wants to be a good King, but falling in love with the Princess has put that in jeopardy. He has to come up with a plan to get her without causing blood shed. 


Illayda is feisty with the desire to lead. Unfortunately, she is a woman and in their society women cannot wield power. In secret, she hunts to help provide for her people and that is the opportunity that Iver takes to make her his by law without starting another war between the tribes. However, she doesn't completely submit. He soon learns her spirit is similar to her spirit guide the eagle, and she cannot be caged.


Paisley & Simon Helmsley

Paisley Stanhope is a successful young writer. She moves to Cape Breton after a sailing expedition changes her life. High on a cliff in Ross’s Ferry there is an old manor shrouded in mystery. It has stayed in a family for two-hundred years and was built by the patriarch who was a famous inventor. Paisley goes on a mission to track down the current owner only to find out he has died, and the family is finally placing the residence for sale.

            Upon purchasing the residence, quickly she learns that even with her wild imagination she couldn’t have contrived the adventure that fate had in store for her… There is just one problem, the sweet and loving husband she had fantasized about is a man from the early 19th century and a far cry from the romantic hero she envisioned. The BDSM she tinkered with in the past has become far too real living a domestic discipline relationship in 19th century Cape Breton where he is her only living family.

Simon is a dominant, rich, successful man of the 1820’s. He had been in search of a bride, but his scouting had never ended in success. Finally, he had succumb to the fact that he might be destined to be a bachelor, when as if out of thin air, a woman appears proving him wrong.

            Simon’s strict HOH behaviour soon ruffles Paisley’s independent, self-sufficient, 21st century feather’s enough that Simon is forced to show her in Bella Grove Manor there can only be one Master, no matter the century they live in.

Jacob Keller & Whitney Blithe

Jake is the youngest of the Keller men, and he doesn't want any part of the club that Jordan now runs. He is a strong alpha male whose confidence is from his success as a singer in Country Music. Jake has dreams beyond Beaumont, just like Tegan in book 1. After losing his best friend, he learns the valuable life lesson that life is short. Too short not to  try to chase your dreams.

When he moves to Nashville he meets a fellow artist trying her luck on the Country Music scene, Tilly Cole. They both become major successes and great friends.


When Jacob comes home to Beaumont from tour, he is looking to just settle down. He wants the down-home girl, with interest in living a quiet existence in Beaumont Falls. The new girl in town, Whitney Blithe is the talk of the local diner and when he sees her he is instantly interested.

Whitney has moved away from home to the opposite coast to escape the family life holding her back. She takes a job at the Beaumont Gazette doing a bit of everything, when her boss tells her that Jake Keller wants to do an interview with her at his mansion. Like a giddy school girl she can't believe that Jake wants her to go out to his private residence and ask him questions. Whitney isn't as feisty as some of the character's I've written before, she is more of a sweet innocent. I think coupled with Jake's alpha male, the pair make great leads. Especially since there is a maniac stalking them. Will Jake be her hero Or will tragedy strike Beaumont Falls again?

Jake The Kellers' of Beaumont Falls Book 2

Jordan Keller & Tegan Forester

When I started Jordan, I was really into the Son's of Anarchy. I wanted to do a book centered on a club, where the son took over from the father. I also had just read a great book by Lynda Chance about young people who fell in love. So, that was the inspiration. To add some dynamics to the story, Jordan is the oldest of six. The initial plan was to base books on all the boys, but only Jordan and Jake's story has so far come to completion. Ty, their middle brother who is a doctor might still happen, we will see... Their family is so complex. On one hand you have this sweet wholesome American family with Jordan's grandparents. They started Keller Farms, and became prominent figures in the community. On the other hand, Mike their only son, becomes the leader of a motorcycle gang  and recruits his own oldest boys into the business.

Tegan is nothing like Jordan. She was the daughter of a cop, and always followed the law. When she falls for Jordan, she ends up pregnant and giving the baby away because his lifestyle and age scares her. Her dreams of leaving Beaumont Falls come true after Jordan's best friend Lincoln gets killed in a shootout and she tries to get Jordan to walk away from the life he has chosen. When he doesn't she's smart enough to know she has to get away herself, or risk being sucked into a life she doesn't want.

When she returns it is fifteen years later and her dreams of being a world-renowned photographer have come true. However, in the mist of building her career she lost touch with her family back home and learns that her brother joined the club. Outraged, Tegan must confront her former lover, the man she still loves. I like Tegan, she's feisty and intelligent, but sometimes our heart and our head don't agree on things. Fate has them reconnecting.

Jordan The Kellers' of Beaumont Falls Book 1

Annalise Campbell & Kenrick

I've been obsessed with Outlander, and while there is no time travel in this story it does take place in Scotland. Also, Virginia Henley had me hooked on clan things from her book Tempted. Anna being the daughter of a warlord meant that she was a pawn for her family to use. Marrying her off to a man she had never met was common practice. Anna was just lucky that it wasn't an older man. Anna is stubborn and feisty, a typical Sct. Problem is Kenrick is way more into getting his own way, and bigger...

There really isn't a great deal of history in this story because it was a novella for the anthology. However, I think it is a short fun read about two people who come together to help their families and end up falling in love. I like the happily ever after endings. If you like short and sweet, you will love this story!!

Joining of the Clans/A Spanking Good New Year Collection

Callie Williams & Mike Reashore


Along with my interest in ancient time, I love the history of the southern United States. I find the old southern charm cool, but the fact they built America on the backs of so many other American’s is so tragic. I was watching the miniseries Roots when I started this. The more I watched the more I questioned if a master ever actually fell in love with his slave?  After all the slaves were human, with very distinct personalities that many men may have found attractive.  Some had spirits that just couldn't be tamed or broken, and I love that! The rescue of the damsel in distress can really pull at your heart strings. Also, I know from experience that just because someone tells you not to love someone doesn't mean that if you spend enough time with them that you won't fall head over heels.


I wanted to depict Callie's parents in a positive interracial light, because I don't think that a lot of what is out there shows the love that many couples have living in an interracial marriage.  I also wanted Callie to have a connection with Dixie, and this made this possible.


I’m a big believer in ghosts and coming up with this idea that they still walked the halls of the old  house because of a tragedy interested me. I can only imagine some of the stories the walls of those beautiful estates could tell and this story allowed me do this. With respect, I understand that many of the stories are pure horror for the slaves that had to endure such cruelty.

Because of that, it left the villain part wide open and Ryland’s family were the most likely candidates. I remembered a book I had read by Bethany Burke that had a diary, that fit really nice with my plot. Callie would be able to read Dixie’s words, not just see her in her dreams.




The Diary of Dixie Pearl

Prince Nico Casivaga & Charlotte Colts

Prince Nico and Charlotte were very fun to write. I’m a big British Royal Family watcher and have been since I was a child. The only thing was, I didn’t want to write a story on the British Royal Family, because I love the history they have all on their own. I then looked to Sweden which has a monarchy that most know very little about.


All the characters are completely fictitious, but there is a palace in Stockholm. I had recently lost my grandfather and I thought about him telling me stories as a kid. Especially the one of how he and my grandmother met. (He was walking down one side of the street with his friend after returning to his hometown from being overseas with the war clean up, and she was walking down the other side of the street with hers. He asked who she was, and they began to date.) Lying in bed with my Nan, I’d ask her to tell me about the ‘olden days’ and to help me sleep she’d tell me some of the things she and her siblings did. She is the youngest of nine, so there were a lot of tales. I thought that would be a cool book idea. A couple telling their grandchildren the story of how they met.

I love the name Charlotte, not sure why really. However, for anyone who has read my books there is always one included somewhere. Charlie loves to write songs and I love to write lyrics, so it was fun for me to see the story come together. Some say that Nico’s harsh, but I find him to be what I think a typical Prince would be like. He is arrogant and used to getting his own way, so with Charlie he must be firmer to help her become the girl who will eventually become his consort.

Nico's Princess

Iset & Ari Ramsey

Some of the history in the book is real. Isetnofret was the second wife of Ramesses II, and she was the mother of his heir Merneptah. Her name means beautiful Isis. Nefertiti was the first wife and polygamy was allowed. It is ancient Egypt, so they practiced polytheism. (Belief in many gods.) Ramesses the Great as he was known, ruled for 66 years and 2 months according to Wikipedia. He was approx. 90-91 years.

I love history, and I find the Egyptian’s fascinating. When I started to write this book, I did a bit of research on the facts of Ramesses II and didn’t want to tell the story of Nefertiti in as much detail. I thought that like many king’s he may have had to marry Nefertiti for some political reason, but his second wife was one he chose out of love. That is why Iset became my heroine. Ramesses II was my pharaoh of choice because I like the way that history has portrayed him. Strong, dominant, an alpha to the core. Iset being given away by her family into slavery was important, because it shows how even the lowest points in our lives sometimes put us on the path for greatness. Her history is fictitious. In reality, they think she came from a wealthy family. Since her background isn’t well know it left room for a good back story.

Iset's Pharaoh Book 1 & 2

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